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A Quick Update

I owe you, my dear reader, a quick update. If you have been following me on Twitter, you already know that on April 23 I started a new job with a new employer. In the last three weeks, I have been adapting myself to the new environment. This is not easy to do after being in the same job and the same employer for 9 years.

My new position is still “Oracle Developer” and I’m still based in Portland, Oregon USA. I will be doing SQL and PL/SQL development, Fusion Middleware development like Portal, OID, Business Intelligence and SOA/BPEL, in addition to E-Business Suite. I will be exposed to a broader and different set of Oracle technologies compared to my previous job. As always, I will share my new experiences with you through my blog.

One thing I will not continue doing is ColdFusion. Even though I have not blogged about it for a while, now I know for sure that I will not be using nor blogging about ColdFusion at all. As a result, I have changed the title of this blog to: News, views, tips and tricks on Oracle and other fun stuff. No more ColdFusion.

Because of this transition, my blogging activities have dropped recently. There is a lot of useful stuff I want to blog about. I promise I’ll find the time to write and hit the publish button. However, somehow I always find the time to Twitter. Hey, how much time does it take to write a 140 character blog post?! You can always follow me there.

Thank you for being a loyal reader.

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Why Resumes Are Useless Plus Links to Interview Questions

Resumes seem to be mostly useless, this is what Andrew Wulf thinks, and I can’t agree more. I have been conducting a few interviews lately to fill a PL/SQL contract position, and in almost all cases the resume was so overcharged with buzzwords and all kinds of technologies created in the past 10 years. However, when the moment of truth (the interview) comes, few candidates know the answer to very basic questions.

Moreover, the resumes I have seen were obviously made to order. I know that when I get the resume as an email file attachment and the Word document file name is something like: JohnDoeCompanyName.doc. This is an obvious hint that a different Word document (resume) is created for every company the staffing agency or the candidate submits the resume to. They basically tailor the resume to the specific job requirement the hiring company is looking for.

I totally agree with these quotes from Andrew Wulf’s article:

  1. Resumes become a kind of worm to dangle in front of the recruiter or HR fish, just enough to hook some interest.
  2. Tests rarely demonstrate ability other than memorization anyway; I’ve known people who aced certification tests and were utterly unable to develop any useful applications. Certifications themselves seem mostly ignored as well, probably for this good reason.
  3. It’s all in the way they communicate their knowledge, respond to specific questions on projects they claim to have worked on, and demonstrate a willingness to learn.
  4. Would you hire a homebuilder on the basis of ability to hit a nail into a board?
  5. The end result is not to find that one person with the exact resume matching a laundry list of technologies (they have 3.14159 years of JUnit!) but someone who can work successfully with the other team members, is capable of doing or learning anything required, knows how to think, and has some kind of track record of actual work.

In any case, here are a few links to Oracle interview questions:

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Oracle and ColdFusion Job Opening

We are looking for a full time developer with Oracle and ColdFusion experience. To be qualified, you need to have a minimum of three years experience in:

  • ColdFusion, HTML and JavaScript
  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
  • B2B E-commerce development and support

Experience in Microsoft BizTalk and SQL Navigator is strongly desired.

It also helps if you live or are willing to work in the Portland Metro area and like to have me as your coworker 🙂

If you’re interested please contact me.

Update: This position has been filled and the job opening has been closed.

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Get that new Oracle Job

Get that new Oracle Job is the latest blog added to OraNA.

Fiona Brown, the blog author and an ex-Oracle consultant, describes her blog as a one that “focuses on all you need to get that new Oracle job. It includes tips, advise and useful links”.

Fiona will be using her blog to discuss the topic of finding a new Oracle based position.

The blog is new, but there are already a couple of nice posts:

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