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Oracle Linux, Very Convenient (and Free) For Your Personal Use

Wim Coekaerts:

Now, at least I can get a copy of Oracle Linux for free (even if I was not working for Oracle) and I can/could use that on as many servers at home (or at my company if I worked elsewhere) for testing, development and production. I just go to and download the version(s) I want and off I go.
Some of my servers are on the external network and I need to be current with security errata, but guess what, no problem, my servers are hooked up to which is open, free, and completely up to date, in a consistent, reliable way with any errata, security or bugfix. So I have nothing to worry about. Also, not because I am an employee. Anyone can.
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8 Interesting Things You May Have Missed This Week

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User Exceptions Gotcha, When an Error Appears as a Success

This is a guest post by David Clement, a veteran database engineer, a coworker and a friend of mine. You can find him online at

Here is an interesting feature that’s worth knowing about because of the potential for strange bugs. When you run a SQL script in the Unix shell, if you use a user-defined exception, you have to take care to prevent failure and success from returning the same result.

The following code snippet shows a normal way to return an error code to the Unix shell from a SQL script. I saved this as return_error_code.sql:

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6 Interesting Things You May Have Missed on 2010-07-28

  • On July 27, Oracle completed the migration of all non-obsolete content from,, and BigAdmin to a completely re-architected, re-designed Oracle Technology Network site. This site – which offers different entry points for Java Developers, Database Admins and Developers, System Admins and Developers, and Architects – reflects the full diversity of this huge technical end-user community.
  • Larry Ellison, founder and chief executive of software maker Oracle Corp., topped the list of best-paid executives of public companies during the past decade, receiving $1.84 billion in compensation, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of CEO pay.
  • Code reviews are very important in any software project. More often only "superficial" reviews happen, the types where you get review comments like, "You know the documentation for that method doesn't have the version number", or "this variable is unused", etc. Although this is an essential part of any code review, it doesn't cover the subtle aspects of a real code review. It takes more than just a static code analyzer to perform a good code review. In this article the author shares a few points on how to make code reviews really effective.
  • Before there were VPNs, there was ssh. And when you don’t have access to your VPN or can’t set one up, you can still get most of the functionality over ssh.
  • Firebug is one of the most famous extension for the Firefox web browser. In the past years, the functionalities offered by this plugin alone sold Firefox as the platform for web development over Internet Explorer (besides the respect of W3C standards that characterized Firefox). Then, Chrome had not been invented yet and when it was released, it incorporated some of the innovations of Firebug like a functional JavaScript console.
  • Partition Alignment, Choosing a file system, Optimizing ext3, Enabling Huge Pages, Using Async and Direct IO, Tuning Swapping Priority and more.
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