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Working with Microsoft Office 2007 (OOXML) files using Oracle PL/SQL

Morten Braten:

I have written a package for working with OOXML documents. It’s called OOXML_UTIL_PKG and you can download it as part of (you guessed it) the Alexandria utility library for PL/SQL.
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Save up to $33,520.47 Per Year Per DBA by Using Oracle Database 11g Rather Than Microsoft SQL Server 2008

This study [PDF] shows that Oracle Database 11g holds a substantial advantage over Microsoft SQL Server 2008. More specifically:

  • DBAs can perform typical administrative functions in 41 percent less time when using Oracle Database 11g compared to Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Oracle Database 11g requires 43 percent fewer steps for the same set of standard RDBMS tasks than Microsoft SQL Server 2008 using Edison’s metric for complexity assessment.
  • Benefiting from increased DBA productivity due to lower complexity and higher efficiency cited above, businesses could save up to $33,520.47 per year per DBA by using Oracle Database 11g rather than Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • In the case of backup and recovery tasks, Oracle Database 11g offers architectural and functional capabilities beyond those offered by SQL Server 2008. Oracle Database 11g took 53 percent less time and 60 percent fewer steps than Microsoft SQL Server in backup and recovery tasks.
  • In the case of performance diagnostics and tuning, Oracle Database 11g demonstrated a significant 87 percent savings in time.

The study concludes:

What is clear is that both Microsoft and Oracle have provided their customers with efficient tools for management of their respective database systems. But when the cost of operations is analyzed, Oracle Database 11g can provide organizations with 41 percent annual DBA-related cost savings over Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


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Ubuntu on Microsoft Virtual PC Works Like a Charm

I have installed and been using Windows Vista Ultimate on my laptop for a few weeks. I have had no major problems with Vista. In fact, I like it.

However, this post is not about Windows Vista. I just want to share with you my success in running Ubuntu as a guest OS on Vista. No, I did not use VMware. I used (the free) Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I also successfully installed Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on Ubuntu.

The following pages were very helpful:

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Oracle is Female Oriented, Adobe is Male Oriented

According to Microsoft’s new adCenter Labs Demographics Prediction tool that enables you to “predict a customer’s age, gender, and other demographic information”, is female oriented with following confidence: 64% female and 36% male. Continue reading…

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SQL Server 2005 more complex

Jared posted on the oracle-l mailing list a link to eWeek’s review of SQL Server 2005. It is an interesting review and shows that SQL Server management is starting to be more complicated. I grabbed the following Oracle related points from the review: Continue reading…

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Microsoft Update version 6

Microsoft Update v6 is now available. It combines the old Windows Update and Office Update, so no more updating in two different places! Plus it has a cleaner, more polished look. It doesn’t run on Firefox though.

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