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Larry Ellison Tells It Like It Is: The Full D10 Interview (Video)

Kara Swisher:

Pull up a chair and enjoy what turned out to be one of the highlight interviews of the 10th D: All Things Digital conference, which is essentially Ellison very, very unplugged:
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What is the Oracle Learning Library?

It’s a really useful resource. The Oracle Learning Library allows you to search for free online learning content on the internet. The content comes from a variety of sources, including OTN, YouTube and Blogs.

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Using Web Services in Oracle Application Express [video]

Have you utilized SOAP or RESTful Web Services in your Oracle Application Express application? If not, Marcie Young, consulting curriculum developer at Oracle, shows you how. It’s easy and all wizard driven [Docs].

In the following three screencasts, Marcie goes through the steps to create and use a manual SOAP Web Service reference as well as a RESTful Web Service reference with and without a bind variable.

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Create an Application to Upload Files Using Oracle APEX, In Less Than 10 Minutes (Video)

A BLOB data type stores unstructured binary large objects. A table column with a BLOB data type can be used to store all types of files such a documents, spreadsheets, images and plain text. You can manage BLOB columns by easily adding file upload and download functionality to a form you create using Oracle Application Express (APEX).

APEX includes declarative BLOB support that enables you to declaratively upload files in forms, and download or display files in reports (ittichai wrote about it here).

The following is a screencast to demonstrate:

  • how to create a simple APEX application to store the content of any file into a BLOB column and
  • how to save the content of that BLOB into a file on the database server.

I recorded the screencast on Windows 7 and Oracle APEX 4.0 that comes pre-installed with Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2.

But first, here is the code that I used in the screencast:

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All you need to know about the Oracle ACE program

@LydiaSmyers interviews @oracletechnet about the Oracle ACE program (via @alexgorbachev)

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Want to Learn Java? Hear What the Father of Java Has to Say About It

In this video, James Gosling, best known as the father of the Java programming language,  provides some wisdom about Java and software development for students. In short, Java is easy to learn especially to people who have not done software programming before.


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Database Backups in 10 Minutes (Video)

A good overview of the most common types of database backups and how they compare to each other.

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Oracle Performance Monitoring in Less than 12 Minutes (Video)

In this two part video, Stephane Faroult talks about “the basics of Oracle Performance Monitoring, and how you can get fancy (and even useful) reports without spending a fortune”. Stephane also demonstrates “how to install the (free) statspack utility and how some web resources can help you generate the reports you need for proactive monitoring”.

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This is How You Should Ask for Help

In this video interview with, Kyte explains how many questions he receives equate to “my car won’t start”. “I’m going to do it to you — my car won’t start, why? Give me the solution. I’m not going to tell you what errors I see on the dashboard; I’m not going to tell you if I filled the car up with gas recently; I’m not going to tell you if it’s making a noise or not making a noise; but my car won’t start, why not? There’s insufficient data to even begin to answer a question like that.” Kyte also explains how the internet has changed how questions are asked, and how he doesn’t reply with RTFM.

via How developers should ask for help: Blogs – Null Pointer – ZDNet Australia (via)

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[Video] Oracle ACE Director Product Briefing at Oracle HQ

It’s a secret. I cannot talk about it because I, and all the Oracle ACE Directors who attended the product briefing at Oracle HQ yesterday, signed a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Is it a game console? is it something else? Can’t say. However, I can show you the video below and refer you to this Twitter stream.

In the following video, you will see the Oracle ACE Directors in the briefing room, eating, drinking and then riding a bus to head down to Monterey to attend ODTUG Kaleidoscope:

Can you name the Oracle ACE Directors that you recognize in the video?

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