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Yahoo Launches SQL Interface to Twitter

The new YQL set of tables for Twitter enables any developer to use simple SQL-like queries to retrieve and post Twitter data. For simple user queries, getting a user’s twitter profile data is as simple as something like “SELECT * FROM twitter.status WHERE id=’8036408424?;“.More…

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Well, it’s Friday afternoon and nothing much is happening, except that is now owned by Yahoo!. First Flickr and now I use both services. No matter how hard I try, they always find a way to keep my Yahoo account active. (via)

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Yahoo Domains for 2.99

If you have been thinking of buying a domain name, now is the time. Yahoo is currently offering domain names for $2.99/year (up to 5 years). A good deal. Much better than my deal, when I got my domain name from Yahoo a few months ago (it was about $5/year then). (via) Continue reading…

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